Gardening Helps us to Remember ( Living through the Shift )

We are co-creators with life. We have forgotten how to do this. Gardening helps us to remember.

The earth needs out ministrations right now...the upheavals are only just beginning.

If we handle the upheavals creatively, the situation can become an opportunity for growth.

Gardening allows us to come back to what is important and experience with grace the inevitable shifts that will occur.

 The newness that wants to be born will come through a sprout in the ground ...



  1. Gardening is not just a manner of beautifying or making unique designs of your garden. This will also enhance the atmosphere and ambiance of the life full of plants. With the garden you can feel the calmness and tranquillity of the place.

  2. There are always wonderful ruminations and advice on this blog. Thank you.

  3. to roofing carpenters: Yes! gardening does allow you to feel the 'calmness of the place'.

    and to indoor fountains: Thank YOU so much for that kind compliment...I love to ruminate. :)

  4. Green garden enhanced the beauty of the environment. Being green is important in making the environment cool and fresh.


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