Pablo Reinoso and his Benches

Outdoor benches are the last bastion of modern art.....and Pablo Reinoso, an Argentinian born in Paris (doesn't that make him French?), has tackled benches with his signature use and manipulation of bentwood (a la the Thonet bentwood chair).

Reinoso combines utilitarian need with experimental forms in a delightful and memorable way! His benches inject a surreal quality into the landscape. I would love to plant a dutchmen's pipe vine to twine around his artful benches.

You can see these photos at the website of Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Reinoso’s quirky exploration of the relationship between a static bench and its environs was inspired by the rolling English landscape and twisting tangled vines...,.

This is the 'Huge Sudeley Bench'  by Reinoso.

I can imagine a whole park of these interconnected benches - it would be the greatest playground ever built!

Pablo - are you interested?  Your benches are just the beginning.....Call up Jupiter Artland and suggest this idea to it - Cosmic Playground.


  1. these are fantastic - thanks for sharing!

  2. never seen anything like these! way cool! thanks!

  3. That's funny I was thinking about writing a post about his work, and there it is! I guess that's why I like your blog so much, we seem to like all the same things :)

  4. and I wanted to do a blog about that guy with the balancing rocks but you did it first - ha ha.

    same wavelength. same thought frequency.

  5. Those were great work of wood benches. I salute Reinoso for impressive designs. I have never thought that those benches have achieved so much art on the design. And I never could imagine those long bent bench woods.


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