Flowers, Deepak and Peace Gardens

 “Music is continuous. It is the listening that is intermittent...” 

~ my paraphrase of a John Cage quote

The above Tibetan Mandala is a print by the Tibetan artist, Rabkar Wangchuk. It is called 'Flower Mandala' and can be bought from the TIBET HOUSE (click here).

If you look closely you will see that this lovely artwork is like a compass: North is white, East is Yellow, South is Red and West is Green......yellow denotes intellect and thinking and this is what the direction, East, represents and encourages..

The Tibetan mandala speaks to us of a greater reality. It illustrates the flow of all life radially outward from the center.. Flowers do this too. Flowers are Nature's Mandalas.

Coreopsis at Jim's by Jan Johnsen

You can be surrounded by Nature's mandalas if we choose -  round, radial wheels that are colorful celebrations of Life and continuity...Flowers uplift our awareness and well being.  Flowers remind us of the true nature of the world.

Photo by Divine Nature Essences

This flower talk, of course,  brings us to the sage Deepak Chopra and peace summits.

In a recent Peace Summit in Newark, New Jersey (click here) that was sponsored by the Drew A. Katz Foundation, Deepak answered a question about peace that struck a chord:

Deepak Chopra

What changes do you think humanity needs to make to achieve lasting peace in the world?

DC:  The only way lasting peace can occur is when we become the change we want to see in the world.

Peace can only be created by those who are peaceful. ....

(note pink shirt = love and compassion)

Photo - Jan Johnsen ..planted Queen of Night and pink tulip

Other thinkers and speakers addressed food, war, community, monetary policy regarding peace ...but no one discussed Creating Peaceful Environments as a way to Promote Peace.

If Peace can only be created by those who are peaceful then we should create Serenity Gardens aka Peace Gardens all over the globe....and now. Peaceful environments aid us in becoming aligned...

Peace can only be created by those who are peaceful. ....

photo by Rupert Jeffries


  1. All different collection are very beautiful and wonderful.small garden design

  2. Chopara's work is some of the best in the field!! Check out The Path to Love.

  3. I feel your blog really useful and inspiring me. I have noticed many changes in your blog and they are like improvements for you.

  4. LOVE!
    This entire post is full of wonderful pieces. It's like a just ate at a buffet and found far too many flavorful treats to eat them all at once.
    I need to sit with each piece.
    I will return...
    But for now, I'm going to hold in my heart: Peaceful gardens to create peace... the ripple effect in action.


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