My Powerpoint Talk - June 23, 7 p.m. Mt Kisco Library - NY

garden by Johnsen Landscapes & Pools

This Thursday, June 23, at 7 pm, I am presenting a captivating Powerpoint on 'Secrets of Creating Gardens of Serenity' which illustrates little known tips on how to make a Beautiful and Serene Outdoor Space.

Are you one of those people who respond to their surroundings more deeply than others?

garden by Johnsen Landscapes & Pools

Then this talk will appeal to you greatly. If you are inextricably drawn to bring forth the highest vision of the natural environment around you, you will enjoy the images and ideas I present in this talk.

Innisfree, Millbrook, NY

I share with you fascinating insights on how we can order a space that optimizes a feeling of harmony and renewal. For example do you know why East is considered the most beneficial direction by all cultures? You should conisder this in placing benches, garden gates, etc.

Did you know that the octagon is a powerful shape? Perhaps this is why Thomas Jefferson designed his home at Poplar Forest as an 8 sided octagon...

Poplar Forest, Thomas Jefferson's 'getaway' home

Also the energy of trees affect us. Maples affect us one way; Oaks in a different way. The ancient Celtic tree calendar discusses this at length.

Please join me for this one hour Powerpoint talk - you may see the natural world a little differently when you leave.

Serenity in the Garden


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