Beautiful Outdoor Benches Complete a Garden

Baseball Bench by Douglas Thayer

Benches make a garden....

After you arrange all the plants, the rocks, install the paving and whatever you choose...then you place the bench. 

The bench is what calls to us.

And the bench you place adds a special sparkle that touches the visitor directly.  After all, the bench seat is what we feel when we sit down.

So it must look great and feel good.  Here are some choices for your garden.

This plantation harvested teak bench has a clean, contemporary double vertical slat-back design.  Handcrafted with mortise-and-tenon joinery. Add on the weather-resistant Sunbrella cushion in neutral stone for extra comfort.

Lucky Beam Bench by Katch Design

The Lucky Beam bench by Brooklyn-based Katch Design is made from 100% recyclable aluminum,  features a solvent free powder coat finish and a reclaimed  Pine seat coated with an all-natural, zero-VOC oil base. The  Lucky Beam adds an urban feel to any space.

Lucky Beam Bench by Katch Design

Doug Thayer makes some great benches...Look at this one - LeBlond:

“Bountiful Bench” by sculptor, Christina Murphy, is functional art that represents  nature, country, environmental consciousness, and a return to one’s roots.  Visitors can sit on the “lap” of Mother Nature, who is, the artist says, 'the greatest artist of all'...She wears a blanket and sits with outstretched hands.   Assets of the earth are nestled in its folds: corn and vegetables, wildflowers and trees, wheat and soil, fruit and seeds, livestock and fish.

Bountiful Bench by Christina Murphy

Bountiful Bench by Christina Murphy

'Polyphony' is functional art by Cameron Van Dyke. This segmented bench is constructed of colored cast concrete. The concrete pods are polished, sealed, and mounted to aluminum plates which are bolted to the sidewalk. The pods provide durable outdoor seating Collection of the city of Coral Springs, Florida.

The firm, Kircodan, also makes some fabulous outdoor benches:

I hope this whets your interest in finding an interesting bench for your garden. Happy Hunting!



  1. I love benches!! There are so many to choose from for the garden....I like the stranger looking ones...of course, they cost a bit more as well:)

  2. Nice benches, I quite like the Lucky Beam Bench. That sculpture/Bench by Christina Murphy is also quite interesting.

  3. Lovely....and I remember a sweet bench in your personal garden.

  4. to Jan - that is my favorite bench of all! - your pal, Jan
    and Thanks all for your comments...I love them.

  5. Pretty nice benches! There sre such many interesting ideas that I wanna put into the decoration of my garden! Thanks!


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