Outdoor Shower Ideas for Your Garden

The Bridge by Douches de jardins

The outdoor shower is a summer dream for many of us. Imagine waking up and going outside (in seclusion and privacy) and taking a shower 'pleine air'...

The image conjures up morning, brightness, serenity and refreshment...ahhhh....

You don't need much room but you will need some privacy fencing or dense plant screening.

Why not take the plunge?  I am trying to figure out where to put one in my little yard.  Here are a few ideas for you:


This shower envelops the body in a gush of water.. The water tap is located at the shower’s rear base and connects directly to a garden hose or to a fixed installation.   A hot water regulator allows mixing hot and cold water at the desired temperature.   Looks like a lot of fun.


Under the Tree by Conmoto

An arching spray of water from a tree-like source.  The tree's other branches are ideal for hanging towels and clothes. Designed by Michael Sieger, the Under the Tree garden shower is kept in place by a single ground spike and consists of two pieces for convenient storage and mobility.  


A beautiful old fashioned style shower.....

This shower is made of northern pine half logs and works like a conventional shower. It has a large, 1/4 turn, chromed brass faucet. A hand-held shower head can be supplied as an option and can installed on a terrace or on a lawn. The water tap at the shower’s rear base connects directly to a garden hose.


This is what I will get - an economical outdoor shower unit that comes with with or without a foot shower (to wash your feet). brass faucet body with lucite handles. Does the job and you can dress up the surroundings.

There are so many others out there.....Of course, being a landscape designer, I say that you should not forget the setting in which you place this marvelous addition.  Set it within a garden of Ornmental Grasses, Rose of Sharon, boxwood, coreopsis.....

shower garden by Jan Johnsen - www.johnsenlandscapes.com


  1. An outdoor shower is on my to-do list too. I have the elements, have never put it all together and arranged for a little more privacy.

  2. Me and my mom want the one designed by Jan Johnsen... can we hire you for your services? ha ha. I also really like the ' Under the Tree' shower.

  3. The setting makes all the difference, yes? I want the 'Under the Tree' one too, but it costs about $3,000.....style comes at a price sometimes.
    I prefer to add plants to create the style. :-)

  4. Couldn't agree more... make nature rich, spread the wealth.

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  8. I think there would be great time in the summer vacation while my mom is setting up a new shower into my garden. Wish that would make new lifestyle for me.


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