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Glorious gardens of color, light, shape and fragrance help our hearts to sing. They can be like a little piece of heaven in our backyard. Toward that end, I have devoted my professional life to transforming nondescript settings into enchanting, romantic landscapes. 
My aim for the past 40 years has been to create beautiful outdoor spaces that induce sweet reverie through inspired design. Now I am anxious to share my knowledge with others and show how to create gardens of serenity and delight just as I have done for my clients throughout the years.

On Wednesday June 20 I will give a 5 hour class on 'Secrets of Creating Gardens of Serenity' (click here) at the NY Botanical Garden in the Bronx. 
I will share ideas on the power of shape, how the four cardinal directions affect us, how to use certain colors to elevate mood in a garden, how to locate a 'power spot' on a property, how to design an outdoor sitting space so that it enhances communication and well being.
Did you know that the octagon is a powerful shape? Perhaps this is why Thomas Jefferson designed his home at Poplar Forest as an 8 sided octagon...

Did you realize that  Maples affect us differently than oaks? How? We will discuss this also.... 

So please join us!
It will be eye opening and a lot of fun....click on this NYBG website and enroll with Continuing Education.


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    Thank you for post.

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