Sunset website - photo by Andrea Gómez Romero.

'Serenity in the Garden Blog' is the name of my Facebook Page.

Each day I post a photo of something that is garden is an eclectic assortment indeed: Flowers, chairs,people,  gardens, artwork, planters....

I post whatever  I think might appeal to other kindred spirits out there. You can click here to go to the site: Serenity in the Garden on Facebook.

I have decided to make a post of whatever I post on FB on a weekly basis here in my blog...that way it will be available to all the non-Facebook users out there.

I will number the posts ( this is number 1) and will go back in the archive on some posts because I have alot to catch up on.

I hope you enjoy these photos and ideas. If you do, please let me know - Thanks!

This flagstone walkway at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in Ojai, California (a very special valley!) features a Bermuda grass double helix. To create the decorative effect, the designer framed the rectangular space with wood, then laid 4-inch...-wide blue-board foam as a placeholder for the pattern. After installing the paving, she removed the foam, filled the resulting 4-inch-wide channels with soil, then planted the sod. A weed eater is used to mow this strip. photo by Andrea Gómez Romero.
Madoo is the name that artist, Robert Dash, gave to his ever-changing, fun loving garden in Sagaponack, in New York's Long Island. It evolved over his lifetime and is now a conservancy open to the public. Here, boxwood orbs seem to roll ac...ross a path, making "the trunks of the gingko trees look like giant mallets in an ongoing game of croquet." (quote and photo by Steve Silk in his wonderful Clatter Valley Gardens blog.
The beautiful hybrid Baptisia X 'Carolina Moonlight' was selected at the North Carolina Botanical Garden by Curator of Native Plants Rob Gardner in 2002. It is a cross between two native Baptisia species: white wild indigo (Baptisia alba) a...nd the yellow wild indigo (Baptisia sphaerocarpa). This gorgeous plant is insect and deer resistant and has yellow lupine-like flowers on erect flower spikes in May. When in bloom, flower spikes can number 40 to 50 spikes.
On a steep elevation, looking down on birch, aspen, pine and sculptural stones, the Juvet Landscape Hotel near Valldal, Norway has seven rooms built separately into the landscape. The panoramic widows makes you feel as 'if nature flows to' (hotel website says this).

I once spent several week in Valldal (picking strawberries for room and board) and can say that western Norway area is incredible. bucket list item.
Claremont Landscape Garden is one of the surviving English Landscape Gardens still featuring its 18th century layout.
Begun in 1715, by 1727 they were described as ‘the noblest of any in Europe’. The grounds represent the work of some of... the best-known British landscape gardeners including Charles Bridgeman, Capability Brown, William Kent and Sir John Vanbrugh. This amphitheatre was designed by Charles Bridgeman.

In 1949 the gardens were donated to The National Trust for stewardship and protection. By the 1970s, the gardens were overgrown and in a poor state. The Slater Foundation gave money for their restoration in 1975. Thank You Slater!


  1. Hi Jan,
    As an artist and landscape designer, I originally subscribed to your blog because I admire your work. Now I consider myself doubley lucky to have found you. The work that you feature by others is inspiring, fascinating and reflects your passion for beauty and sophisticated design. Thank you for sharing your discoveries.

  2. Michelle - thank you!I appreciate all your kind words - that is all I need to keep doing is for all out there who love to 'co-create' with the earth.

  3. Thank you for mentioning us in your website! The double-helix walkway is featured in our Casa Blanca building. Be sure to check it out if you're ever visiting our Ojai Valley. Cheers!

    1. I plan to stay there very soon! Meidtation Mount is calling.

  4. I loved the look of that spiral walkway. My wife and I used a similar design for a walkway to our stables after we saw this. We made it a little easier by using two lines and flagstone instead of the spirals. It looks like a road with grass as the center lane. Very cool and you made our home look so awesome! (we have gotten many positive comments from it)

  5. Joined you on Facebook :)

    Love the top 2 pictures - I'm seriously considering trying my hand at a double grassy helix in my own back yard, and those globe bushes are super cool too!


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