Last summer, CERN was on the verge of announcing a discovery of  'the God particle', one the basic building blocks of the universe.

This hunt for the Higgs boson was one of the most expensive particle physics projects ever undertaken and when they finally announced that they'd glimpsed the Higgs, everyone stifled a laugh...Why?

 The institution's scientists presented the most important scientific discovery of the decade using a peculiar font face: Comic Sans MS.

This information was taken from TheWeek (click here for full article)

Why would they do that? Don't they know we associate this font with funny things?

In December, Errol Morris of The New York Times conducted an experiment on the publication's unsuspecting online readers and found, after getting 40,000 responses for a quiz, that
a story presented in Baskerville inspired more confidence in the research over Times New Roman, Helevetica and the others listed here.  

Baskerville's weighted advantage wasn't huge — just 1.5 percent - but that bump can make or break book sales.

Why was Baskerville more believable? The word that comes to mind is gravitas

 This confirms university student, Phil Renaud's, 2006 personal research. He got good grades on all the essays he wrote but those written in GEORGIA typeface got the best grades of all. Here is what he tallied:


Renaud thinks
 Georgia is enough like Times to retain its academic feel, and is different enough to be something of a relief for the grader.

BTW, Carnegie Mellon, pitted Times New Roman against Georgia and found that participants overwhelmingly preferred Georgia, judging Georgia to be "sharper, more pleasing, and easier to read."

Soi if you write something that you want people to enjoy, take seriously and give good marks to: Baskerville or Georgia. 

What is this Blog's Font style? Georgia!

A lucky choice for me.

Now as to what color it should be...hmmm.



  1. I fixed the post - layout issues.

  2. Very interesting...I love looking at all the type face options. I had never thought about how they might influence the content when read. I have always loved Baskerville but now I might try out Georgia : ) Fun!!!

    1. Laurin, isn't it fascinating? all students should type their papers in font style, Georgia...for added insurance.

  3. Jan -- I love this post! As a former graphic designer for 30 yrs. I've wrestled with these typographic challenges since the days when one had to order out for typesetting from a type house. Now, but for reflections like yours, type's pretty much taken for granted.

    1. Jeffrey - you know so much more about this than I but I figured there might be one typeface better than the rest....we all respond to certain shapes more than others, as I talk about in my upcoming book, 'Heaven is a Garden '(shameless pitch)

  4. Never crossed my mind; but now I'm switching to Georgia!

    1. I am so glad ! hey , it never hurts. :-)


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