OUTDOOR SHOWERS - cool off outdoors!

I cannot stop looking at pics of outdoor showers on the internet....perhaps because the temperatures in my area are over 95 F everyday right now.

So here are a few ideas for outdoor showers.

Show'r from Atelier Tradewinds is a mobile outdoor shower made out of galvanized and powder-coated iron tubes and a black locust wood base. (Cold water only)  Wheels are placed at the back to allow the shower to be moved easily. Just click your garden hose to the standard quick connector at the base and your garden shower is ready.  Show'r is also easily dismountable.

It is the setting that makes an outdoor shower outstanding.  Add color, texture, plants or all of the above

Paint a poured concrete and concrete block wall blue and it makes for a private 'Blue Lagoon.'


Sunset Magazine

Here is a bamboo and wood little hidden corner. Ahhhh.

Andersson Wise Architects
What to do with all that wood from the trees you cut up? Make a privacy wall. Seal it very, very well.

James Crisp architect, Millbrook NY

A lovely wooden screen fence for both the shower and changing station. Fabulous. Make the doorway wide, as shown here.
Here is a book with more ideas:



  1. Wow, my husband has on one of his shelves in the pole barn a shower...that is meant for outdoors...I really want to try it now

  2. Wow. These are nice. My father used to have a basic outdoor shower to wash off from working in the field in the summer before coming in the house.


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