Plants, Green Space make us Happy

Want serenity? or at least a little quality down time?  Spend some time with or among plants.
Professor Geoff Dixon says:"Working with plants makes you feel better.
 Dr Ross Cameron of the University of Reading, says: "The environment and green space drive social health"

Bastyr garden supervisor Alexis Durham tends to the spring garden. source: Bastyr University 

In fact, Swedish scientist Kristina Sundquist found a 72 per cent increased risk of psychosis and 16 per cent increased risk of depression in a study of four million Swedish people who lived without access to green space.

The new Brooklyn Bridge Park 
And  key issues such as childhood obesity are linked with the fact that kids have no green space to play in. Any policies to thwart obesity must include providing a natural environment for a 'get active' plan. 

Parks are the best way to make city people more content and more fit. Yoga in the park, anyone? 

  More parks = happier place.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn

More Green Space! should be our new rallying cry. This is the new /old approach to our future.

The new Washington Square Park Plan, NYC


  1. I have been really wanting to make a beautiful garden with a pond in my backyard. I want to have zen and peace. Do you know of a company that does landscaping in Victoria, BC for a reasonable price?

  2. Hello Samwise ( wasn't Sam Frodo Baggins' gardener?)..Victoria is a gardener's paradise! must be someone out there....


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