The Upcoming Garden Bloggers Conference 2013

A “how-to” subject like gardening is rich with great stories that can educate, fascinate and enlighten others. 

This is why I like Garden Blogs....they can take what others might think is mundane and transform it into a delightful new take on life.  I also love to blog because I want to share what I have learned about gardens and landscape design with other kindred spirits. 

So with that, I think Garden Bloggers, designers and garden lovers alike will love the upcoming 

Its in Atlanta on September 22 - 24, 2013.


Speaker Line-Up: Garden Visionary, Top Bloggers,  Award-Winning Authors and Journalists, and Social Media Experts.  View the complete list of speakers and their profiles.

Dan Hinkley

You'll hear from Dan Hinkley, Amy Stewart, Robin Horton, Steve Aitken, Felicia Feaster, Rochelle Greayer, Matt Mattus, Michelle Slatalla, Adam Japko, Chris Heiler, and more! 
  • Get tips for digital content marketing to build your business and personal brand: blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Learn blogging strategies and how these strategies can immediately apply to your business to get more qualified traffic and drive readers to action.
  • Find out how traditional media is adapting to the challenge of new media, and what bloggers can learn from media in terms of audience, content, and marketing strategy.
  • Connect with users: What you should know about search and analytics.
  • Learn how photography builds your brand, differentiates your blog, and builds traffic on your site.

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