A Tulip / Daffodil Garden to Inspire You

photo and garden by Jan Johnsen (That is a Kwanzan cherry tree)
It is now time to plant those spring flowering bulbs in the colder regions of the northern half of the world. 
Photo by Jan Johnsen
So in the spirit of arousing enthusiasm for what may appear to be a job with no pay-off...
keep these images in mind while you labor away planting daffodils, tulips, allium, hyacinths, scilla and more in cool earth....
The photos here are of Mark Egener's garden.

Multi-petaled daffodil - so luscious
I worked with him to transform his property into a sweeping landscape complete with deer fence, gate, new drive, terrace, walls, grass steps, etc. I then planted some bulbs for him and his family to enjoy in spring
...it was a small gesture of gratitude for such a wonderful project.
Well, the next spring, when Mark saw tulips blooming around a lovely Kwanzan Cherry tree that I planted by his new drive he flipped.
He really liked them....I thought, 'Great! I am so glad he likes them...have to do more next fall..."
I forgot to do it, however. But Mark remembered. And he called me up me this past spring and asked me to stop by. Well, he actually ordered me to stop by. He said, "You must come and see what I did"...
I call it 'Mark's Magic Garden' or 'Mark's Garden of Delight'... I better call him up and ask what he has up his sleeve for next spring...enjoy these photos of Mark's horticultural passion:

Ice Cream Color Tulips! Way to Go, Mark! photo by Jan Johnsen
Grass Steps with Redbud and masses of tulips, photo by Jan Johnsen

Tulips with garden behind, photo by Jan Johnsen

Not a bulb but Mellow Yellow Spirea (Ogon) -  as bright as a daffodil in early Spring , photo by Jan Johnsen

I hope this inspires you to plant some bulbs this fall....and Daffodils are deer resistant...


  1. Beautiful! What a lovely reward after waiting through a long, cold winter.

    1. I know! now all we have to do is find time to plant the bulbs now!


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