Downtime Outdoors...

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment  ~ Lao Tzu
 The quiet you feel outdoors, away from others, is a sublime treasure.
Some people don't ever feel it because they never have a chance to 'steal away'. They are surrounded by people, TV, games, work, cell phone, etc. They do not know downtime outdoors.
You don't have to go far to find that outdoor spot that allows you to focus on you:
on your breath, on your pace, on the birds, or on the plants and trees around you.
I used to sit on a particular park bench when I growing up in NY city.  It wasn't much but I could sit under the trees and hear the leaves rustle. I said to myself,  'these trees have names...I wonder what they are?' Years later I wrote a book called 'Ortho's All About Trees' just for others who wanted to know the same things I did....
I feel strongly that garden lovers share their passion with others - if only to show them what we already know - that the alone time in the company of domesticated wildness is sweet and oh so fulfilling!
Our time here is so short, why not carve out a piece of quiet to just stop and enjoy nature's bounty?  Gardening - even if potting up a can or a pot with a clove of garlic - can help us stop the mental chatter and partake in quiet downtime outdoors.


  1. A lovely reminder to slow down, maybe even sit down, when we're outside.

    1. thanks, Chad..even if just for a minute...

  2. Isn't fall such a wonderful time with all the wonderful colors.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. I agree, Christine! Fall is for reverence.

  4. Jan, I love the intent and content of Serenity in the Garden. I agree with you wholeheartedly on this topic.I am just back from the Garden Blogger's Conference in Atlanta. It was such a fun time meeting with so many garden bloggers from around the country (and Canada) and to hear what inspires them to blog. Serenity, however individually defined, was a common thread.

    1. Hi 'Of Gardens' - I am so happy that the idea of Serenity in the Garden was there! thanks for telling me this...wish I could have gone. I must keep up my landscape design company back home - and so I share through the computer. :-)

  5. Thank you for the reminder that we can always find a spot to connect with nature, whether in the wide-open outdoors or a park bench in the midst of a busy city.

  6. Replies
    1. Linda! Thanks for your comment...I am so glad you like it.


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