Light Producing Plants - Here they come!

photo from the Bioglow corporation

In Avatar's forest of Pandora the plants glow...but that's the movies right? Well, here they come! Glowing plants for your next wedding or to light your garden path.

'Starlight Avatar’ is a nicotiana plant that emits a dim, blue-green light comparable in strength to starlight -  an ambient glow that is best seen in a darkened room.  It has a two- to three-month lifespan. It is an indoor plant and is unlikely to survive outdoors. The photo below is art - not the real thing.

art work by Dan Saunders

This first “autonomously luminescent,” or autoluminescent,plant is produced by Bioglow Tech, founded by molecular biologist Dr. Alex Krichevsky.  He has worked for more than six years to develop light-producing plants. 

Greenhouse Grower covered his research in the 2010 article, “Glowing Plants: The Next Big Opportunity.” Bioglow claims its plants emit light on their own without the need for chemicals or UV light. This is an actual plant below.

The company’s website explains that these plants are similar to fireflies and glowworms. “Bioglow’s work is dedicated to bringing a cleaner, sustainable and affordable plant-based light alternatives to the world.”  They go on to explain, 
"Autoluminescent plants can be engineered to light up in response to environmental or natural cues, such as pollution or stress, and may serve as effective sensors to protect the environment and agricultural crops."
Noah Schwartz, head grower, Garden State Growers, says that the future is bright ( pun intended) for autoluminescent plants, 
"The possibilities are endless. Landscaping with glowing plants may also help to conserve electricity, limiting the need for electric landscape lighting regularly used in gardens. I have no doubt consumers will be thrilled to see living glowing plants outside their homes and in their private gardens.”

not real!  artwork by Dan Saunders

Are you ready for this? I am not so sure I am.....Go to the website of Bioglow for more info. Click here.


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