The Wonder of 'Guttation' in Plants

This is an example of Guttation, the exudation of tiny drops of sap that accumulate on the tips or edges of leaves. 

Guttation is not to be confused with dew, which condenses from the atmosphere onto the plant surface.

When there is a high soil moisture level, water will enter plant roots . The water will accumulate in the plant, creating a slight root pressureRoot pressure is responsible for this flow.

The root pressure forces some water to exude through special leaf tip or edge structures, hydathodes or water glands, forming drops. 

Many believe the essences in these natural drops can help our health via the essential energy of the plants and flowers.  

Bach essences are the best known ones, and they are said to work on the emotional and spiritual level. 

See Touchwood Essences for more. 

source : RemekSo

This spectacular plant is known as the 'Honeybush' because its tall flower spikes also project a delicious honey fragrance.  Well-drained soil. Zones 8-10. 

guttation on equisetum ( horsetail)


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