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I am honored that the Open Voices blog of the TKF foundation chose to interview me about my upcoming book. What a great piece they wrote!  I believe wholeheartedly in this wonderful organization and I urge everyone to go check them out. 

Tom and Kitty Stoner began the TKF foundation in 1996 with the belief that everyone needs to “be in nature” as nature both heals and unifies us.   


To that end, their  private nonprofit organization funds publicly accessible urban green space. 

Today, their goal of creating 'open, sacred places in nature', designed to provide an opportunity for a deeper human experience, has attracted a host of supporters: environmentalists, health care professionals, landscape designers, universities, corporate CEOs, local governments, and community activists, to name a few. 

And more than 130 Open Spaces Sacred Places have been created in the Baltimore-Annapolis-Washington region with the Foundation’s support. They hope these places reawaken and reaffirm the powerful connection between nature, spirit and human wellbeing.

Go to their website and read about  the thousands of entries made in the community journals nestled in each of these sacred places.  

Find out about their Nature Sacred Awards, which help distinguished designers and scientists  to design and study the impact of Open Spaces Sacred Places on the individuals who use them. 
NSAwardsPoster_v9_TheGreenRoad (2) copy

And go to their blog, Open Voices talks about the importance of people having opportunities to experience high quality nature in the city.


  1. I'm putting your book on my birthday list.

    1. Thank You Derek! I hope you like your birthday gift!

  2. Natural look is so beautiful and green grass give us a natural environment,

    1. I talk about how green is the most restful wonder Nature is full of green.

  3. When I lived in Ohio I spent a lot of time in the lovely chain of parks around Cleveland affectionately referred to as the "Emerald Necklace". I wish more urban areas could have that same experience, but alas, not all cities had the good fortune to have glaciers march through and cut them out a few hundred years ago. Still, in every city I've lived in since I've looked for green belts, river walks or other zones where I could lose myself in nature. Great read - I'm enjoying exploring your blog.

    1. Thanks LJB! You are right - we need more nature to help everyone de-stress and get grounded...The architects must make way for the landscape architects - Yin and Yang.


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