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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Oh No They Didn't! Fashion Statement Garden Hose

Garden Hose in Radiant Orchid  from Boxhill
 The lowly garden hose is now a Fashion Accessory for your House! Here is the latest from Boxhill - the Reimagined Garden Hose. 

Oh NO! A garden hose in the 2014 color of the year, Radiant Orchid!

The fashionistas are trooping into the garden and accessorizing the place.  Out with that 'plain jane' green, top of the line Flexogen hose that you saved up for and in with a colorful hose complete with a gold plated metal tag.

What is next? A Haws watering can in Vivid Blue?  A garden tarp in a classic Ralph Lauren plaid?

This is a part of the Boxhill description:

"Garden hoses are not the most glamorous items in the world, but they are eye-catchers, usually placed right in the spotlight....

Let your garden hose be an exclusive detail on your house instead of hiding it away!"

That is the height of something - I am not sure what.

One question - where is the fitting at the end of the hose? I don't see any in the photo.

You want the know the name of the gold hose above? It is named Gold Digger. I am not kidding.


  1. at that price, I'd stay awake at night, fearing it would be stolen from my townhome garden. :(

  2. Hi Jan, I thought maybe it was a leftover April Fools Day joke, but it was for real! And at that price, no fitting? Hmmm, to each, his own, as they say! Thanks for sharing, Amanda Shenstone,


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