William Kent, A Show about him is on Now

The first major exhibition dedicated to the great  English landscape designer, William Kent (1685-1748) opened March 22 at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.
 It highlights  this multitalented designer who designed monuments, furniture and yes - gardens. 

But some say it does not talk enough about his talents as a garden designer, arguably his most original contribution.  I don't know because I don't live in the UK but anyone who does - can you go and tell me what you think of the show?  
Kent brought a new level of sophistication to landscape design. 
At one project, in Rousham in the mid 1700's his aim was to create and transform the natural landscape into an Augustan landscape to recall the glories and atmosphere of ancient Rome.
The Watery Walk as it leads to the Cold Bath and on to the Octagon Pond in Rousham
source. http://marianboswall.blogspot.com/2010/05/pilgrimage-to-rousham-william-kents.html

 "The garden is Daphne in little", Walpole described, 
"the sweetest little groves, streams, glades, porticoes, cascades, and river, imaginable; all the scenes are perfectly classic."

Rousham - source: http://marianboswall.blogspot.com/2010/05/pilgrimage-to-rousham-william-kents.html

He also copied the interior idea of the enfilade and used it outdoors – a succession of connecting rooms – in garden spaces, creating visual links  between them.  
And then along came a young man named Lancelot Brown...and..well, the rest is history.
*Designing Georgian Britain, March 22-July 13, Victoria & Albert Museum, London SW7 (020 7942 2000; vam.ac.uk)


  1. Daphne is little, indeed! Thanks for the post, Jan. Your garden looks fabulous.

  2. Having this amazing landscape at home is definitely a nice perk. I particularly like the fact that the garden has a connecting pathway to other rooms. This only means a lot of space for kids to play and run around on; and for the adults, more space to plant on. Thanks for sharing!

    Bethel Woodard @ Sollecito Landscaping Nursery

  3. I wish you good luck in your nursery!


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