First Man-Made Leaf! The Future has Changed.

Silk  Leaf by Julian Melchiorri  

The future has arrived.  And it arose from Julian Melchiorri's Silk Leaf project, which came out of a Royal College of Art's Innovation Design Engineering course.
He collaborated with Tufts University silk lab to suspend  chloroplasts in a matrix made out of silk protein. And we are 'off to the races'!
Julian Melchiorri Silk Leaf Project 

What has transpired (my bad hort. pun) is astonishing...

Like real leaves, the Silk Leaf can  produce oxygen if it is given light and a small amount of water.

chloroplasts suspended in silk protein

The possibilities are tremendous! Below is a Leaf Light that gives off oxygen  :

Julian Melchiorri's Leaf Light

This is what he looks like - young!:

Julian Melchiorri

The future has now changed!  Here are what buildings will look like to our grandchildren:

A real 'Green building'

And go here to see a the video of Julian explaining it all:


  1. Jan, the silk leaf is fantastic! Thanks for spreading the word. I love your blog!

    1. Cathy - thanks so much..I love to get feedback. It keeps me going....


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