The new Garden Design magazine - a big thumbs up!

I must share! The latest issue of Garden Design  magazine is out and it is fabulous! I don't often gush but this issue is outstanding...

The variety of articles is what really impresses matter where you live, you will find something to chew on here.

From Garden Design Magazine

Full disclosure: I am co-author of a piece on Kim Wilkie, landscape designer extraordinaire, in it. I love his work. There are several blog posts about him in this blog.

Kim Wilkie

And the 'Fresh' info is fascinating. They write all about Ginkgo trees, a remarkably tough tree with great fall color. And so much more.

Garden Design - Gingko trees

So if you are an avid gardener or designer take a look at the new and revived Garden Design magazineIt was definitely worth waiting for. Click here to check it out. 



  1. Visiting with you via Terra's blog. Sounds like a great magazine. Those trees are such a gorgeous golden color.
    Going to visit the link about your book now.
    Mildred in Georgia

    1. Thank you Mildred! I think you will enjoy it!

  2. Wow, I like all the topics in that issue that you show here. I mentioned your new book in my blog post today and put in a link to your blog. If you leave a comment on my post, that would be cool.


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