'Touch the Earth' through a Garden

sculpture by Ruth Moilliet - Bluebell 2

The best place to seek God is in a garden. You can dig for him there.
~ George Bernard Shaw

Many of us turn to gardens and landscapes as a way to create a more meaningful connection to the earth. This urge is the impetus behind this garden blog.

I share my experiences in the garden world as a way to inspire others to ‘touch the earth’.

garden by Jan Johnsen

 I believe the piece of ground outside our door can be a conduit for us to appreciate the energy that flows within plants, water, trees, sunlight, rocks, birds and assorted creatures.

It is in a garden, as George Bernard Shaw declared, where we can touch the divine.

Looking at the natural world in this way is nothing new. The idea of sanctified outdoor space was the genesis for the sacred groves of the Egyptians, Indians and Greeks.

It birthed the medieval labyrinths and Native Americans’ 'medicine wheels'.

And ancient Chinese geomancy, ‘Feng Shui’, and Indian ‘Vaastu’,  sees the earth and her directions as living, vibrant forces.

cascade and garden by Jan Johnsen

In my blog (and my book, Heaven is a Garden) I explore some of these traditional practices and share them with you.

I believe that now, at the dawn of the 21st century, we can learn a lot from these 'rediscoveries'.


  1. A lovely reminder of the mystery, the magic and the divine just right outside our door! Thank you!

    1. My extreme pleasure to share with you, Laurin! Thank you.

  2. These are wonderful photos, that green spiraling tendril is very bright. Your book is a treasure and I highly recommend it for garden inspiration.

    1. Thank you Terra! I very much appreciate your wonderful comments....


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