The Keys to Wellbeing - A Scientific Study

What factors influence wellbeing?

According to The Daily Life Study from New Zealand that tracked nearly 1500 young people  (average age, 19) the pursuit of happiness needs fruit, nature, sun,  sleep, selenium.

Fruit and vegies: Healthy amounts can elevate moods and raise curiosity and creativity.

Nature:  The project found spending time in nature was good for the soul -  a walk through the botanic gardens improved emotions. So a daily walk in a park can improve emotional wellbeing.

Sleep and exercise: At least seven hours' sleep and a daily run improves wellness.

Vitamin D: Reduces the risk of depression, if only because of getting outside in the sun.

Selenium: Can trigger depressive symptoms if too low or taken in amounts too high. The source of selenium is oysters, tuna, whole wheat bread, sunflower seeds, poultry,  and eggs. 

 Overseen by Otago University psychologist Dr Tamlin Conner, the research project  found a link between selenium concentration and a negative mood among young adults. Dr Tamlin Conner said adequate selenium intake was required for optimal antioxidant defenses against glutathione peroxidise, a key antioxidant enzyme.


  1. Very interesting post. A lot of good advices)) Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :) | PJ’ Ecoproject


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