The Page 69 Test: Heaven is a Garden

The far-seeing media critic Marshall McLuhan famously suggested that people deciding whether to buy a book should turn to page 69, read what's on it, and then make up their minds. It's a great technique  and the results are pretty good. There is even a blog dedicated to it: the page 69 test

So, of course, I applied this test to my book, 'Heaven is a Garden - Designing Serene Outdoor Spaces for Inspiration and Reflection'

Here are the photos and a paragraph from page 69:

Cascades and Traveling Streams

Streams and small cascades often are centerpieces of a serene garden. The sound of water tripping over rocks and the sparkle of the sun off a moving eddy calms us and makes us a little more contemplative.  Ralph Waldo Emerson describes this in his book Nature: “Who looks upon a river in a meditative hour, and is not reminded of the flux of all things?” 


  1. Was going through some garden blogs before creating my own. Was so impressed with yours that I have put your link in my blogger.

    . I welcome any advice.

    1. Thank You! Photos are so important Grouie! The mix of text and photos grab the eye....and creat interest.

  2. I have a passion for photography as well and I have enough opportunity in my own garden. I have posted quite a few images in my blog.


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