A Great Deer Resistant Blue Perennial - Blue Ice

Amsonia Blue Ice  by Monrovia Nurseries
The Blue Star perennial family -  Amsonia tabernaemontana -
has a hybrid cousin, Amsonia 'Blue Ice' that is an amazingly vigorous, low growing plant with deep blue flowers.  

photo by Jan Johnsen
Amsonia 'Blue Ice' has a white, milky sap that is toxic to deer and more. Yay! 

Amsonia 'Blue Ice' is easy to grow and drought tolerant. 12-16" tall, 18-24" wide. Needs full sun.

It blooms from late spring to early summer. 

amsonia Blue Ice fall foliage is stunning - photo by Jan Johnsen

It grows in a 15" tall by 2' wide mound of narrow, dark green, deer-resistant foliage. And in spring it is topped with large clusters of lavender-blue flowers which are more vivid than other blue stars. It  blooms prolifically and turns a fabulous golden yellow in the fall. Zones 4-9  

Amsonia blue ice , Miscanthus 'Morning light' ,  Nepeta 'Dropmore Hybrid'

The summer foliage looks great in combination with low grasses.

 I recommend trying it with the compact heavily-banded Miscanthus 'Gold Bar' ornamental grass.  This grass is also deer-resistant and is topped with a lovely inflorescence in late October. 

Great for sunny rock gardens - plant with sedum for a great look....

American Meadows photo 

And don't forget to try it in a planter with Yellow Creeping Jenny...perennials that come back every year - needs sun.

photo from Floridata


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