A Scattering of Garden Design Ideas

'Serenity in the Garden' is my way to gladden someone's day and to share my wonder at people' s creativity and Nature's beauty. Here are a few garden marvels:

photo by Jan Johnsen

 I worked in the gardens of Mohonk Mt. House (a hotel) decades ago. It is still one of my favorite places! In New Paltz, NY. I took this photo of their unique rustic gazebos that border Mohonk Lake.

 "Much patience required. VERY steady hands, heartbeat, breathing, one’s entire being.. required." - Michael Grab (shown here with his creation). http://www.gravityglue.com/

 Do you know what is missing in this Zen inspired sand garden? a leaf - lying haphazadly atop the sand. ah, so.

Why not a 'poetry wall' garden? this is in Brooklyn, NY. Design by Terrain.. http://www.terrain-nyc.net/

photo by Jan Johnsen

Look carefully - this is a photo on a banner affixed to a plain wall - makes it look like a real cascade! I took this photo in Katonah, NY from my car. Michael Krondl, artist.

Russian Sage is deer resistant and adds a light blue softness to other flowers.
Russian Sages mixes with Stargazer Lilies and more....a close up of a flower border that is part of a pool landscape that Johnsen Landscapes & Pools designed and installed. http://www.johnsenlandscapes.com

 I would love to sit here next spring and host a garden party...Pavillon de Galon in Provence. http://www.pavillondegalon.com/en/gardens/


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