Sun Loving Sedums for Your Garden

Chris Hansen 'Chick Charms' Sedum in his garden

SunSparkler™ Sedums

If you have a hot, dry garden and want almost 2 months of vibrant color then try Chris Hansen's collection of  brilliantly colored, quick-spreading, ultra-tough and long-lived sedum cultivars  - SunSparklers™.  Zones 4-9.

SunSparkler™ sedums stand up to cold as well as heat, and once established, do not mind poor soil fertility or long periods of drought.

They are great for containers that you often forget to water ( me...).

And there is no better plant for sunny banks, slopes, and rocky garden spots.

These perennials may reach 6 to 8 inches high and spread 18 inches wide within a single season. Butterflies adore the flowers and deer may avoid nibbling the leaves ( it depends).  

Sedum 'Cherry Tart'

'Cherry Tart' has cherry-red, 6" high foliage and 3 season interest.  Deep pink blooms appear in late summer (opening in clusters 5 inches wide) that butterflies love. In mid-fall the red foliage is ablaze in all its glory.

Given good drainage it will not fail to grab the eye anywhere it is planted.

 Sedum 'Dazzleberry'

'Dazzleberry' is 8 inches high and quickly spreads 18 inches wide. The foliage is a smoky shade of blue and retains its color through summer heat and humidity.

In late summer, 6 inch raspberry flowerheads top the leaves, remaining for almost 2 months. What a great contrast.

“It’s one of the first sedums to bloom in late summer,” Hansen says. “And it remains colorful for more than seven weeks!” Place it alongside black asphalt or curbs; it can take the harsh conditions.

Sedum 'Lime Zinger'

 'Lime Zinger' sports succulent leaves of bright lime-green edged in cherry red  -  a red picotee standout! The red variegation outlining each leaf is stunning. And in mid summer it is topped for several weeks by pink blooms.  Its compact 4″ tall x 18″ wide growth habit makes it a superb new groundcover Sedum. 

'Blue Pearl'

Non-fading intense BLUE foliageOver 6+ months of foliage color with bright pink contrasting flowers... I can't wait to try this one.


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