Green Walls, Vertical Meadows and Lawn Furniture

You have heard of green walls?  Those wonderful, verdant vertical displays full of carex, mondo grass, ferns, spider plants and more....

G Sky is a great company who specializes in green walls and roofs. Their website is a compendium of all sorts of green wall info and pictures.

Now in the lovely gardener's paradise of New Zealand, Alan Joliffe reports that they have mastered the vertical meadow! He talks about it in his blog Alan Jolliffe - The Art and Science of Gardening

The Christchurch 'Festival of Flowers' commissioned a Vertical lawn / meadow for this year's show:

"Once the research and Development was complete special fabric was coated with grass seed and wild flower seed and grown in a greenhouse.

A large vertical scaffold was constructed and at the beginning of the Festival the Vertical Lawn was installed. In typical Kiwi Fashion a lawn mower was added to the installation.

The building in the background is the famous Canterbury Museum."

Isn't that a hoot? Well if you like that, the sky is the limit!  All you need is water and grass shears for these proverbial 'lawn chairs':

The last one, by Terra grass furniture is my favorite.  These chairs, are made from biodegradable cardboard forms. Simply fill the form with soil, seed it with grass, and watch it grow. I am going to create a little conversation corner with these...why not? they seem so appealing! the maintenance would be a little dicey, however.


  1. Hi Jan
    Thanks for following up on my Blog. I too have seen the vertical gardens. I love the other ideas you have discovered and may get our trust to try them out.

  2. wouldn't that be fun? when I take my dream trip to New Zealand I hope on sit on a kiwi lawn chair....

  3. The one picture that has the lawnmower going up the wall is the best. Really crazy looking!


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