what I look at when surfing the web...

You can find out alot about a person if you know what they look at when they are simply surfing the web..

So you think that I am now going to talk about all the great gardening and design sites I go to...Not!

I must admit that my 'go-to' site is by Steve Jurvetson - who I don't know but am intrigued by....he is into science and photography and runs a great Flikr site...

he does not address plants or gardens at all but his photos are awesome and his interests are the complete opposite from mine..

which is why I like it so much.

His conversations portray a world that I am not a part of.  I do not understand many of the things he talks about and that is part of the fascination...maybe this is why I loved the movie, The Matrix.

It is like a foreign language from a foreign planet - like eavesdropping on Dr. Spock or something. ...

here is a sample:
For example, consider the chemical reaction of a caffeine molecule binding to a receptor (something which is top of mind =). These two molecules are performing a quantum mechanical computation to solve the Schrödinger equation for all of their particles. This simple system is finding the simultaneous solution for about 2^1000 equations. That is a task of such immense complexity that if all of the matter of the universe was recast into BlueGene supercomputers, they could not find the solution even if they crunched away for the entire history of the universe. And that’s for one of the molecules in your coffee cup. The Matrix would require a different approach. =)

Shades of Shrodinger's Cat! I mean what the heck is simultaneous solution for about 2^1000 equations? I have no idea and will never know but it reminds me of how vast the world is and how we are all built differently...

(cartoon portraying Shrodinger's Cat, a quantum science 'thought experiment')

it sounds perverse, I know. But while I am extolling the virtues of hydrangeas or miniature hostas , Jurvetson is directing his readers to this poster.... so yang to my yin.....


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