energy follows thought....

A serenity garden is a place of respite where we might gaze upon the beauty of nature and ponder upon the wonders of our earthly abode...

If we create a peaceful setting then we will bring more peace into our follows thought...and thus surrounding ourselves with a cherished zone of quiet and beauty, no matter how small, will inevitably affect our wellbeing.

This is the year when more and more people will understand the unseen mechanisms of our world.  It will come out of the shadows into the filtered light of day.  Almost 23 years ago I took a class, along with Christpher Reeve, that told us 'thought creates reality'.  It seemed absurd at the time. But now it is being discussed openly on Oprah!

So now I will also share my views on what is happening - the shift has begun! If you are interested in all this then click on 2010 predictions for more insight.

A serenity garden can be your oasis for such introspective thoughts. Calming and tranquil, such a space allows us to connect to a deeper reality...
(garden by Jan Johnsen)


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