Help Rose Acevedo Fight Hunger

(Rose Acevedo of Hilo, Hawaii)

The Pepsi Refresh Project looks for people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive impact on their communities and funds them if they get enough votes from the public. 

My blogging friend, Noel in Hawaii, wrote about Rose Acevedo and asked us to vote for her idea ...she wants to have people help her harvest ripe fruit from people's trees in backyards in Hilo, Hawaii and donate them to local food banks and to the homeless.

She writes, "I cannot reach all the yards alone. I must have funding to organize a team, purchase the required tools, ladders and a vehicle to harvest as much fruit as possible. The Hilo community is depending on it."

I voted for Rose and now am asking you all to do the same if you like Rose's idea:

Here is what she wrote to Pepsi:

"Thanks to the sunshine, plentiful rain and the Aloha spirit there is an abundance of fruits and vegetables year round on this lush side of the Big Island. At times, too abundant.

For busy families and the elderly the amount of fruit produced from even one tree can be overwhelming.

The result: tons of fruit such as, oranges, tangerines, and mangoes are left unpicked or rotting on the ground.

Hilo, Hawaii  struggles with homelessness and hunger; it is heartbreaking to have hungry children in the classroom and then see healthy food wasted.

Seeing rotten avocados and tangerines in my neighbors' yards, stimulated me to take action..."

(Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi  - CEO of Pepsi - kudos to her for sponsoring this great initiative)
Rose Acevedo works with special needs children in Hilo, Hawaii and nurtures her love of nature as a gardener, camper and Sierra Club hike leader.  Her idea is a great one.
 When living in Hawaii I remember all the mangoes that would be left rotting on the ground everywhere and thinking, "boy, someone should harvest all those...well now, here is a way to do it  - Fruitbusters!


  1. aloha jan,

    thanks for posting this and your right, there are alot of children that go to school hungry and fortunately get fed decent meals, its the thursday through sunday timeframes that are scary and they are starving...this would be a great program...aloha for sharing this.

  2. Done. What a wonderful idea!


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