Jim's Neuton Mower - Quietude, Ah.....

My friend, Jim, has a Neuton mower, a cordless, battery powered mulching/bagging lawn mower.

He uses it to mow the lawn around his service station - you know, the station with 90 solar cells on its canopy and a mulch pile comprised of leaves and the coffee grounds from his coffee stand that everyone around my way goes to  ...

I saw the classy looking mower sitting out on the lawn as I got my coffee and I just had to try it.  Wow! No noise...and it works. There is no gas or oil to spill and no engine emissions to pollute the air.

The Neuton CE6 is powered by a removable, rechargeable DURACELL® battery and Neuton says that recharging costs about 10 cents.  The battery  fully recharges in 12 hours and runs for up to an hour (depending on grass conditions). The mower comes with a battery charger. You might want to get an optional spare battery.

There are other electric mowers out there as well. But last year Neuton mower was named Organic Gardening 2009 Editors' Choice Award Winner, the gardening industry's most coveted award for best gardening Tools and Gadgets

BTW, I used to have a reel mower that an older neighbor in High Falls, NY gave me...I loved that mower so much.  Of course, I had about 30' x 10' of turf to mow so there was no problem with a push mower for me.

Can you imagine if everyone used a Neuton or similar mower? It would be a much quieter world and a sweeter garden experience.Now if we can only get the blowers to be silent as well...


  1. I wish they were compulsary!

  2. Thats fab, would definitely go for a spare battery though, can you imagine being almost done and having to wait till the next day to finish off the job. Would be brill not to have all the noise ether, enduring the constant noise of a petrol mower can be quite draining in its self.

  3. We bought one like this last year as our trim mower, mainly because starting the old machine was getting impossible, Sadly, we still have a Snapper tractor mower because of the size of the "grass," can't really call it a "lawn."

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