Who is Made Wijaya?

 Made Wijaya used to be Michael White who was born in Sydney, Australia. He arrived in Bali in 1973, having jumped ship and swimming ashore in a rainstorm (that is what he says).

His fascination with Bali's rich culture and tradition led him to stay there, working as a tourist guide and photo-journalist before being asked to design the gardens of the legendary Bali Oberoi.

More than 600 gardens later, Wijaya is a well known tropical garden designer with a team of artisans and "garden commandos," as he calls them.

He has also published five books on tropical gardens and South East Asian architecture. And he designs outdoor lights:

His designs are strong on natural materials and organic shapes:

Below is a project he did in Mumbai India called Taj Wellington Mews....Vesica piscis anyone?

and here are some details:

This is a mounded water fountain...very cool.


  1. Thanks, how did I miss his excellent work.

  2. I love that outdoor light.

  3. Hi good day ! nice post you have . It's very nice , I have plan to setting up my garden can you give me an idea or steps on how to make it beautiful. i have heard some garden accessories such as wind garden spinners , wind chimes , and many more . I want to try this things in my garden but i don't know how to get the right accessories . I hope you can help me . thank you .

  4. Thanks for inspiring me with your great creative ideas. May we all make the world a place of beauty in our own little areas of life.

  5. An exceptional gardener for a magical result. he managed to combine originality and traditions of his adopted country through his creations. I love it.

  6. Elvina 13th September 2013 Today my attention was drawn to Made Widjaya and his work by Lisa and now I know there is an almost ancient inner peace at work here let alone the harmonic nature that spills out with each word. By crikey! There are those who write words, those who condense words and those who write for the love of words. In gardens the words are transformed from the transcedental knowing of the life of nature. The esperance of which splashes into the mind that comprehends the land and how to speak to it in the language of the Original essence. Thank you.

  7. Hi, I am trying to find an email address for Michael White - Made Wijaya. I am trying to find an address for his sister - Kerry White who I went to Art School with in 1961. I would appreciate any assistance you may give me. Thank you,
    Vicki Zvargulis.

    1. Hi! Made Wijaya is on Facebook - look there.

  8. Where is made wijaya senior high school ?


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