Front Walk and Foundation Planting Video - Jan Johnsen

Here is my second very short video! Laura McKillop, my associate, is the videographer.. baby steps into the wild and wooly world of video....


  1. Nice to see you! Those white begonias look much larger than common bedding begonias--what variety are they? I've seen larger pink bedding varieties for sale, but not white.

  2. Hi Beverly -

    good question - well, these are the typical 'wax begonia'...which does grow to about 18" if left untrimmed...It is not part of the 'Cocktail' series like 'Vodka' which are dwarf hybrids.

    I know wax begonias are looked down upon as common..but boy, is it a performer! There is a reason this plant has been popular since the Victorian era.

    Relatively pest free, it is easy to grow, tolerates light shade and is a great way to bring continuous color to the summer garden.

  3. Hi Jan,
    Another great video! I'm a lifelong urban dweller in the process of buying a house on the Delaware River (an area also known for its gangs of roving deer). I can't wait to begin planning and planting my garden. It's all I think about lately. Your blog and the 2 videos have been really inspiring and helpful!
    Thank you!

  4. Kara - you have just inspired me to make another one!..
    I feel awkward doing it but hey, you got to start somewhere...just like in gardening, yes?


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