Namaste Publishing features a blog post of mine

One of my favorite publishing houses, Namaste Publishing, is featuring a blog post of mine on their website today!   Please click on their name here and check it out.

Namaste is both an interactive website and a grand publishing house. They assist people in their journey in search of personal and global transformation and they have certainly been successful in that regard since they are the publishers of Oprah's fave rave, Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now.

When I am not in the garden I am probably reading one of their books because, as I noted in my profile, I am into all things metaphysical...

For years I played down that aspect of my character but no more - now I just blend my two passions together...

gardening and metaphysics,

kind of like 'echinacea enlightenment' or 'rudbeckia ruminations' or 'miscanthus mysteries',

and my blog post,"The Best Place to Seek God," refers to these twin pursuits.

I am honored that they contacted me and asked me to contribute to their website. I hope you go check them out, you will not be disappointed.

Click here: Namaste Publishing.



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