My Upcoming Guest Appearance on Internet Radio with Bente Hansen

Thursday, Sept. 30 at 12 Noon Pacific Time on 7th Wave Network

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She has asked me to be her guest on
Thursday, Sept 30 at 3:00 pm Eastern to discuss

'Explore the Benefits of Finding Serenity in Nature'

Since 1999, Bente Hansen has assisted and empowered clients internationally in their journey to wellness and inner harmony. Bente is an inspirational speaker, energy healer, channel, spiritual counselor, medical intuitive, author and teacher. 

She has published two books, Messages From Beyond and The New World of Self Healing. I can personally attest to her phenomenal abilities and incredible insight....

It should be an interesting program! The blend of her insight and metaphysical view of the world with my 'earthly delight' approach ( thanks J. Nolte for that ) ....Yin and Yang for sure.

Missed the Live Shows? You can hear Past Episodes On Demand and Podcast Ready on the radio network

Check out Bente's Book!


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