Garden Ideas - Earth and Sky, Zen colors

A stone garden path brings calm to an outdoor space

As the pace of modern life quickens, our desire for an outdoor oasis, where we can find some peace and comfort, increases. 

serene setting on bali
We look to plants, earth and sky for inspiration for our environment.

We see beauty in rough wood, mossy rocks and moving water.

rock and water_cascade by_Clodagh_Photo_by_Daniel_Aubry

Sherwin Williams made this very short video to celebrate the colors of earth and sky for a 2015 color mix. click here:

and here are the 2015 colors they recommend for this feeling:


  1. I was on Houzz the other day uploading some of our landscape construction project photos and noticed a special application for choosing paint colors by Behr. it might be something similar to how you were able to pick colors from Sherwin Williams? It automatically picked a palette of 6 or more colors selected from certain parts of the photograph. The colors could then be adjusted (if it picked a color that was too dull or too bright). Technology's amazing right?

    The colors that you selected actually match that landscape design a lot. Very peaceful and earthy, isn't it?

    1. Technology is totally amazing right now..

      I will go on Houzz and see what you suggested, Orange County. As I write about in my garden design book, 'Heaven is a Garden', color speaks to us on so many levels.

      And landscape design / build people are on the front lines of this understanding!


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