The Enchanting 'August Lily' Hosta

Hosta plantaginea 'Aphrodite' at The Mount in Lenox, Ma.
photo by Jan Johnsen.  

The old fashioned 'August Lily' (Hosta plataginea) is a magnificent fragrant, white flowered Hosta that deserves to be rediscovered. Perfect for an evening fragrance garden. It needs sun to bloom.

First imported to England from China in 1790, Hosta plantaginea came to the United States a short time later.

 Since this species is from a more southern clime than other Hostas, it is more heat loving than most. It also blooms later in the year and features a honeysuckle like fragrance!

The large white flowers of Hosta plantaginea certainly puts it in a class by itself.  They  are 6 inches long, pure white and open at 4 pm in the afternoon. 

(Most hostas have flowers that open around 7 am in the morning).

And the best feature for me is that Hosta plantaginea continues to produce new leaves all summer long! This is a particular advantage when the original spring foliage becomes damaged or diseased. So the hosta leaves look as fresh in August as they do in spring.

Try the double-flowered selection, Hosta plantaginea 'Aphrodite'. 

It has large, pure white, intensely fragrant flowers that open in late summer on 2ft stems. Try it along a sheltered path where you can take in the heady fragrance.


  1. I love this hosta. I have one that a friend gave me and I'm hoping to divide it next year. I absolutely love the flower and fragrance of this hosta. Beautiful photos!


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