Digging Deep with Fran Sorin: 10th Anniversary Edition Cyber Book Party and Giveaways

The just-released, 10th Anniversary Edition of “Digging Deep.” 

 I am celebrating the publication of Fran Sorin’s 10th Anniversary Edition of Digging Deep - Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening  a one-of-a-kind garden book that talks about developing a creative spirit through gardening.
I am writing this as part of a “virtual book party” and am doing this because this wonderful book deserves all the attention it can get!
Fran Sorin, author of 'Digging Deep, 10th Anniversary edition'
In honor of Digging Deep’s Cyber Book Party, Fran has priced the e-book at .99 while the giveaway is live.  99-cents - what a great deal!  But this is good only through December 8th so act fast.

In addition there are some great prizes for you! But first let me share why this book is such a treasure. The best way I can think of is to show you what other people have said about it :

"Digging Deep teaches the art of living creatively—from envisioning and creating the garden of your dreams to cultivating and embodying more imagination, passion, and play in your daily life. A profound and inspiring book.” ~ Andrew Weil, M.D., author of Spontaneous Healing

Fran Sorin quote

“This book has heaven’s kiss of inspiration upon it! Fran Sorin is a muse, revealing how the art of gardening powerfully activates the creative force within, invigorating and unifying us in body, mind, and spirit.” ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning


“Anyone lucky enough to dig into this deep book will learn a great deal about opening the book of nature and experiencing creative awakening. Fran Sorin’s seven-step process can help anyone cultivate a happier, more fulfilled and joyful life. Like Fran, I like to think globally and act locally, cultivating my own spiritual and interpersonal garden and the sacredness in every single living thing. Much wisdom and genuine delight is to be found in these pages.” ~ Lama Surya Das, author of Buddha Standard Time


I must add my 2 cents to this praise: 

Digging Deep introduces us to the act of gardening as a creative and spiritual pursuit. In this gem of a book, Fran Sorin shows how to cultivate creativity as we cultivate the earth! 

Her book is full of practical garden ideas as well as delightful exercises. I especially love her seven-step process that she offers to help you embark on the ‘gardening way’.                                 

Now, as part of Fran's Cyber party I have the pleasure of offering  several giveaways for you to win.  Giveaways end on Dec. 8. 

Winners will be announced on Dec. 9.

BTW, In addition to entering to win on this blog , you actually have eight chances to win these incredible prizes by visiting all the participating bloggers. Click on any below for more chances to win:

Here are the rules:
1. Post a comment here on this blog, any quote or memory that tells of your connection with your garden. My memory is my first visit to a garden with my father at the Brooklyn Botanic garden. I realized then how a beautiful garden can lift your spirits and take you way!  

 Share your memory in the comment section below and you will be entered into the random drawing, to be announced on December 9th in this blog.  
2. By making a comment here on www.serenityinthegarden.blogspot.com , you will be entered into each of two drawings for the prizes described below:

 Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds — 19 handpicked varieties of veggies and flowers- valued at over $50. PLUS, a 3-pack selection of Authentic Haven Brand Teaa premium soil conditioner  that’s safe for all garden, indoor plants and soil types. Makes an excellent foliage spray.



Prize #2 - Nature Innovations  www.natureinnovations.com

4 planters/containers -
 (retail $149)
1 small 4" vertical oak planter
1 11" long horizontal planter
1 medium 8" vertical birch plante
1 medium 13" horizontal oak planter.

Displaying FullSizeRender[1].jpg - Nature Innovations - all 4 planters.jpg



  1. Jan, I cannot wait to read Fran's book. And I have so many memories of gardens and gardening, but the first is of my mom planting colorful annuals each spring in the garden. I would hand weed the dandelions in the lawn and be mesmerized by the colors and scents of the flowers. She also planted mint, tomatoes and strawberries when I was little. She and my dad who also pampered the roses we eventually planted were my garden mentors and role models. It is wonderful to see so many bloggers as part of Fran's anniversary book party!

    1. Donna - that is so lovely! I see a little girl picking dandelions and looking intently at them....

  2. My aunt growing Bitterroots - while I've always been around gardens and gardeners this is one memory that stands out. The first bed (and all subsequent ones as well) was little more than driveway gravel. She made a wooden frame with some wire mesh on top to protect it but other than that did nothing special. I have to admit I was dubious that the project would work at all (being well aware of the powers of compost and nice soil) so was pretty amazed when she sent pictures of the flowers in bloom. Delicate pinks and so pretty! Over the years she's created additional Bitterroot beds and I have enjoyed the photos she shares. So often I would miss the bloom season when I would visit. I was able to get some of the seed pods so I am hoping to successfully grow a bed of my own in honor of her memory.

    1. Deborah, I wonder if your aunt realized what an impact she had on you! you are so lucky to have had a gardening aunt....

  3. My mother had small garden beds, but what I remember more is riding horseback with a group at my summer camp in rural Pennsylvania. We moved through dark woods slowly—and then all of a sudden the path opened onto a huge, sunny meadow filled with (in my memory) white daisies. I remember being startled and almost overcome by the sheer exuberance of the scene. I still love daisies and their relatives and I plant a lot of them. And if I had an acre or so to garden, I would try to recreate not just that meadow but also the way you enter it.

    1. What an amazing memory...horseback riding and a field of daisies! wow....

  4. I never knew I had the gardening gene, as my mom passed away when I was 11 and my life grew quite difficult after that for a number of years. But once I was an adult, I went to Germany to visit my mom's mom, my grandmother and was amazed at her garden. Not only did she grow and preserve nearly all the food she ate, (fruit trees, huge vegetable garden, perennials everywhere)she had an incredible number of houseplants. I think I counted over 60 at the time, and this was nearly 30 years ago. Now, quite a number of years later, I am an avid gardener, with a successful history of residential landscape gardening for clients, and my own collection of houseplants, in every window, which amounts to: 53! And that does not include plants overwintering in my garage or my basement!

    1. Marion, what a lovely story! Your house must be alive with green energy! What a family history...inspiring.

  5. My family didn't garden when I was growing up and I only picked it up a few years ago. But I do remember pulling the petals off my neighbors tulips when I was small. I loved, still do, how they felt!

    1. anything does the trick, Teawench! Good for you!

  6. It was one morning during the month of May, in the early sixties, I was searching for flowers in our Long Island suburban neighborhood. Grass and cement were in abundance. The saying April showers bring May flowers and the thought of a little bouquet were my inspirations. I found in our own yard, bridal wreath, (my mom told me) from a straggly bush. This summer I planted 2 bridal wreaths and I can't wait 'til May!
    This summer I planted two Bridal Wreaths and I can't wait 'til May!

    1. That is so lovely, Laura...Bridalwreath spirea blooms every years alongside my driveway. A springtime treat!

  7. Jan- am so glad that you're participating in the giveaway. Our thoughts on the importance of gardening and gardens as a way to make meaning and bring beauty and health into an individual's life so overlap that to have you as one of the 7 blogging friends supporting the book tour means a lot to me. Fran

    1. Fran, this is so much fun to hear everyone's gardening memories! Thanks for allowing me to join in your celebration.

  8. My first garden memories were from going on garden/yard walks with my mother and her best friend and neighbor, Mrs. D. We would meander through the garden areas noticing anything new that was popping up or blooming- this was especially fun in Spring. I learned the names and habits of many plants this way and these walks instilled a lasting love for all things green and growing.

    1. Allison, I bet Mrs. D would be so happy to know that this is how you remember her...I want to be a Mrs. D to some kid out there.....

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