The Feel Good Garden

jewels in the Garden 

In 2010 Husqvarna and Gardena released a Global Garden Report and identified the FEEL GOOD GARDEN as one of the top gardening trends in the world...

They wrote:

"...individualism in the garden is on the rise, replacing conformity. 

Gone is the obsession with keeping up with the neighbors’ ... 

it’s now about expressing yourself using your outdoor space, encouraged by on-line friends."

That's me - your on-line friend! And I encourage you to keep expressing yourself in your 'feel good' (FG) garden. 

Here is what the Global Garden Report said specifically about FG gardens:

The Feel Good Garden

"As we continue to live stressful lives, there is an ever increasing need for a safe haven at home. 

Globally more of us are turning to our gardens for the peace and tranquility that nature is perfectly suited to deliver.

Suriname woman in her garden

...We will be looking to our garden spaces to unwind after work, relax and ‘recharge the batteries’ and most importantly reconnect with nature which traditionally has a calming influence of our lives."

Jan Johnsen - a feel good garden 

I couldn't have said it better myself....that is what my blog (and my book) is all about - 

Inspiring others to create garden spaces that help us unwind and 'recharge the batteries".  

It also answers another garden trend that has been identified in a different analysis 

'info lust'.

coleus, double impatiens and more

People want knowledge - plant info, on line how-to videos, classes, lists and special events. And I share  items that can help to create a Feel Good Garden...

So what makes you feel good?

Lush vs. Controlled? overflowing vs. spare? Boxwood vs. Rhody? Palm vs. Plumeria? Colorful vs. monochromatic...or all of the above? 

In summary, to paraphrase something from my 'hippie' adolescence  : 

'if it feels good, garden it...'

swedish? Tibetan? californian? a feel good garden for sure...


  1. A few objects is fun. What I most like in my garden is good things to eat tucked into flower beds: bunch onions, cabbages, a blueberry bush.

    1. I think that is such a great way to garden! little edible surprises everywhere you go....feelin' good....


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