Two more gift ideas for the gardener in your life....

I suggested some fun gift ideas a few days ago and forgot to mention 2 other gifts that gardeners love.

Garden Design Magazine Subscription

The new rendition of the famous Garden Design magazine is better than ever!  A great gift for anyone who loves gardens and plants.

get a gift subscription here 

And a heavy duty lopping shears

Fiskars 32-Inch PowerGear Bypass Lopper 

We all need this and try to use our pruning shears instead...and then we ruin a great pair of pruning shears (I know - I have done it).

So this is a gift that gardeners all want but never buy for themselves....great for roses and small trees and is built for tough jobs.

Fiskars Lopping Shears


  1. I have always dreamed of having a garden space as beautiful as the one you show in your picture. It would make my life so much better knowing that my house was my idea of perfect. I will have to try and learn some new skills so I can mimic that design you have.
    Cynthia |

    1. It's fun! Start small....thanks for your comment!

  2. The Fiskars 32" Power Gear Titanium Lopper is wonderful for big jobs. It is really too heavy and awkward to use for smaller lopping chores, so you really need two, an 18 or 21" as well as the 32" but the extra reach is great. My 32" was bought to replace a shorter Fiskars Lopper I'd had for years that broke in use.

    An ideal gift would be a whole set of loppers, shears and pruners.

    1. Jean you are a true gardener! Yes, you are so is a heavy duty lopper...which I never have and try to make do without. A whole set of loppers, etc would be ideal.


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