Hospital Makeovers - Healthcare in the Garden

Photo: Blender Nation - Espoo Hospital, Finland

There is a lot out there on healing spaces....

When architects and sociologists and others look at what it takes to create healing environments (what I term 'Hospital Makeovers') they end up describing a garden.

 Not really in those words, of course....

Actually they call it 'Healthcare without the Institution'

It is an exciting development to see architects list the physical criteria required for healing spaces because it sure sounds like a garden to me.

Jack Lenor Larsen's Long House Reserve

In a pdf of a slide show given to public health architects, (Public Health Group of the International Union of Architects, November 2009) Zdravko Trivic & Dr Ruzica Bozovic‐Stamenovic & Dr Limin Hee say hospitals should look to shopping centers for inspiration...(click below to see slide show)

but after looking at the slide show (click above) I say they should skip the shopping mall model and go directly to the Serene Garden model. It certainly fits their stated maxim which is:

 'Space is inseparable from people, and vice versa.'

Here is the physical attribute list necessary for healing spaces that they list in the show - I added my photos...

Yellow Coreopsis

Textures and Touch

Chicago City Hall green roof

Nature and Vistas

Quality of Lighting 

Sounds and Music 

Making Headway Foundation Party for Kids afflicted with brain and spinal cord tumors


Johnsen Landscapes & Pools

So when you put these all together they say you get a wonderful Healing Environment...

and I say you also get a great garden designed to enhance our health and well being.


  1. Enjoyed your podcast with Ken Druse. Hope u come out to the northwest to speak one day.

  2. Brenda, I would love too! I must make that happen....


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