Tomorrow February 13 at 2 pm - 'Heaven is a Garden' PowerPoint Webinar.

I have ways been fascinated by the relationship between outdoor space and its effect upon our peace of mind.  This was the impetus for my book, Heaven is a Garden Designing Serene Outdoor Spaces for Inspiration and Reflection(2014, St. Lynn’s Press).

I will be presenting a great PowerPoint based on the book, tomorrow -  Feb. 13, 2015

You can register for the webinar by going here (click on the word 'here').

The good thing is you don't have to be at your computer for this - 

if you cannot attend the live event they will send you a link and then you can download it and watch it anytime you want! FREE.

If you want to see their line up go here:

Heaven is a Garden - Designing Serene Outdoor Spaces for Inspiration and Reflection

 taps ancient traditions and modern ideas to show you a new way to create a  place of peace and contentment outdoors.  

In this webinar I will be speaking about the three characteristics of a serene outdoor space. I will share beautiful garden photos and ideas and also discuss:
  • how to find the 'power spot' in a landscape, 
  • how to use 'the most auspicious direction' in your garden 
  • why certain colors are better for a restful atmosphere
tsukubai garden by Jan Johnsen

And I will probably talk a bit about garden-making and why it is so important for all of us to somehow creating a little serene outdoors.

Questions Invited! Answers freely Given! I hope you can join us tomorrow. 

Jan Johnsen, author of 'Heaven is a Garden'


  1. The first webinar I ever attended, this was wonderful. How delightful to hear your voice as you described the photos and outlined points.

    All my doors open in the wrong direction. I am now thinking of my new garden shed, which was sized to fit available space as 'Phi x 2, or 12' x 19.4' plus 12' x 19.4, joined at the hip.

    Thank you for a bright spot in my afternoon.

    1. Dear Jean,
      My first one too! ha! Sitting in the living room talking to you...amazing. I hope you let me know how your shed turns out! there was so much I didn't talk about...stay tuned. :-)


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