Ken Druse - Real Dirt - 'Heaven is a Garden' Interview 2-20-2015

This week I was thrilled to be interviewed by the one and only Ken of 19 books (with another one out soon!)   Ken's website is Real Dirt .

His last, beautiful book was done in association with my friend, Ellen Hoverkamp. It is called 'Natural Companions' 

The interview is on a podcast and you can listen to it anytime. It is based on my book, Heaven is a Garden, and Ken, of course, is an excellent interviewer and the questions were wonderful.

 I am honored that he asked me for an interview.

Click here to go to REAL DIRT website and the podcast.


  1. I loved listening to your interview! Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you so much. how did you like when he asked me to define genius loci? pow. now that is a tough question to answer on the spot.

  2. Jan, your book is wonderful; the photos, the original ideas for gardens. I treasure my copy.


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