Penstemon Arabesque™ Red - 2014 AAS Flower Winner

Penstemon Arabesque™ Red - 2014 AAS Flower Winner

Penstemon Arabesque™ Red  is an exciting new hybrid perennial that has great vigor and flowers beautifully. No staking required. Loves heat.
It’s striking red and white bicolor flowers are large and bell-shaped.  They grow 18 - 24 inches high.  They attract both hummingbirds and butterflies all summer. They come back every year.
Arabesque loves full sun and  add height to the middle of the flower bed or in containers. Remove spent flowers to encourage continuous flowering. Zones 6-9.
Penstemon are perfect in cottage gardens too. Sturdy and should be better known. When I was just starting out in the profession I had a French gardener boss who loved Penstemon We grew it from seed in the greenhouse....

other colors too!

Penstemon barbatus 'Elfin Pink' with Nepeta 'Walker's Low'


  1. All flowers are attractive no matter what color they have. These are beautiful too and thanks for sharing the pictures and detail. No doubt humming birds come back to these strikingly beautiful things.

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