Simple Summer Garden Memories

milk carton gardening
  Do you have simple summer garden memories?  I sure do.  And I hope the kids of today will have them too.

I hope they remember the simple pleasure of growing carrots in milk cartons, tomatoes in large cans or maybe hollyhocks along old fences and lilacs at the corner of a house.

We should reclaim these simple things as part of our ordinary life.



Maybe you have some  memories like this: 

It  might be the 'weed' that smelled like licorice ( anise hyssop),

Blue Fortune Anise Hyssop

The buttercups that you put under your chin, 

buttercup reflection under chin - go here for more: Eat The Weeds

the honeysuckle that you could suck a teeny drop of 'honey' from,

honey from honeysuckle - for more: Instructables

 the sweet smell of roses as you walked past a certain house, 
roses on trellis source: Nantucket today 

the bright yellow Coreopsis that seemed to spring up overnight.

 Let us revive simple garden pleasures - bringing flowers, plants and gardens back into our lives....

this kind of sweetness has been cast aside in favor of math and physics in school but children can learn those disciplines better through understanding the phenomenal natural world around them.

So plant those sunflower seeds, bury that Elephant Ear and cut up those milk cartons....wonderful garden memories await you.

Rainbow Knock Out Roses


  1. I have so many wonderful summer memories. You have mentioned a few of them, like the wonderful taste of honeysuckle. I also remember the smell of honeysuckle as we drove down the roads along with the simmering waters of the stripper pits. I loved being able to hide in the neighbor's hydrangea patch. They had a long line of white hydrangeas and I was small enough to get in there and watch people look for me never telling where I was hiding. Why I wanted to hide is a mystery to me still. Finding 'magic' red orbs to eat. They were the neighbor's cherry tomatoes. I got in big trouble for that one. The smell of sweet peas all trussed up in fencing, for my pleasure I am sure...

    1. Lisa, what great stories! magic red orbs....ha! for your pleasure, definitiely. :-)

  2. Yes, I have wonderful childhood garden memories too. I used to taste a drop of nectar from a lilac flower from our lilacs. I grow orange tiger lilies today in memory of my mom. We would lace together little white flowers to make a chain or crown. Gardening is a good start in life.

    1. How lovely! Little do we realize at the time how important those little things mother passed away when I was young but I remember her telling me that zinnias were her favorite flower. I never forgot.


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