Serenity in the Garden - THE TALKS I GIVE

Serenity by Design 
Simplicity, Sanctuary & Delight
In this engaging  powerpoint, I offer intriguing design ideas for enhancing any garden.   Learn why East is considered the ‘auspicious’ direction, how to use a ‘Golden Rectangle’ to create harmony outdoors, and which colors uplift our spirits in a garden. A very popular talk enjoyed by all - accompanies the book, ‘Heaven is a Garden” (St Lynn’s Press, 2014)    Plant Handout comes with the talk.

The Spirit of Stone – Ways to Use Natural Stone in the Landscape

 An illuminating and beautiful look at creative ways to incorporate natural stone in a landscape. The ‘spirit of stone’ offers tips for using sustainable stone in garden design, how to design a stepping stone path and ends with secrets of ‘reading’ a Japanese rock garden. An inspiring and popular talk - accompanies the new book, ‘The Spirit of Stone” (St Lynn’s Press, 2017)  Handout listing plants shown in presentation.

Ideas for Making Your Fall Garden Special

This beautiful talk shows how to extend a garden’s magic into the cooler months. I spotlight
 four ways: Highlight Rock, Celebrate the Breeze, Delight in Berries and Fruit and Enjoy the 
Richness and Contrast of Colors.  Plant Handout is included.



Aligning with Nature: The 4 Principles of Sustainable Landscape Design 

From unique storm water catchment systems and native plantings to "bee hotels" and green roofs, America's is climbing on the sustainable design bandwagon!   This informative powerpoint talk looks at the 4 general sustainable principles and shows how you can adapt them for  your home landscape. It ends with a discussion of native plant combinations.

Color-Rich Gardens : Bold and Eye-Catching Landscapes 

This intriguing talk describes how color affects us and the natural world.  I illustrate how reds excite, yellows stimulate, blues stabilize and greens relax. I explain how pollinators respond to color and why this is so important .  I conclude with inspiring examples of color-rich gardens and describe how sunlight can help us in our color decisions.

Postage Stamp Gardens - Planters, Verticals, Accents & More 

 This Powerpoint talk gets everyone’s gardening juices flowing!  I explore gardening in tight spaces and offer many planting ideas for container plantings, green walls, stacked layouts and more.  Informative handout.

Landscaping in Deer CountryDeer-Resistant Plant Combinations for Your Garden  

 Deer abound and we must learn to plant those plants they don’t eat. This talk shows that it is not impossible and the garden options are more than you think!  Informative handout.

Learning from ‘Before’ & ‘After’

 Everyone loves to see garden transformations – This powerpoint illustrates how drab outdoor scenes can morph into beautiful gardens. These are all my landscapes and I share the tips and secrets I used in each design.  Lots of great information to inspire.


  1. Living in Australia makes it a bit difficult to attend your talks but reading your beautiful descriptions on such fascinating topics inspires such a longing to be able to hear you. I must seek out your books .

    1. Oh Aesthetic Flora, I hope you do! Of course I will gladly go to glorious Australia anytime I am asked...:-D

  2. I was busy enjoying serenity in the back garden yesterday...reading my book, listening to the wind in the trees...and then those silly pods started falling off the sweet gum. Serenity gone, lol.

    1. how fleeting it is, Denise! I know the feeling...My neighbor plays his rock music and all my outdoor serenity vanishes. Oh well.


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