Avatar in the Garden

AVATAR - cliche? overlong? Disney meets Transformers? Yes to all BUT....
Here is what I like in the film:
  • the enchanting world of amazing, light filled plants - energized light as Einstein described it.
  • the flying scenes (as we all do during sleep)
  • the metaphor of going to sleep and waking up - into a new consciousness ...an allegory for the global  need to transform to be ready for what is on the horizon .
Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman wrote about this in the latest issue of Cygnus Review, “We are now between ‘two worlds,’ the caterpillar world where our future is limited by our creepy-crawley past, and the butterfly world where humanity can soar to reach its highest potential..... "

Serenity Gardens can help us attune to the new themes of love, nature and brotherhood...

(garden & gate...Jan Johnsen)


  1. Apparently there is a distressing number of people who end up terribly depressed after seeing "Avatar" :http://edition.cnn.com/2010/SHOWBIZ/Movies/01/11/avatar.movie.blues/

    I suspect that, for the uninitiated, sudden exposure to this magic of connection and subsequent removal into the mundane world makes for a difficult adjustment. To those struggling with "re-entry" I remind them that we CAN be connected to one another and to the natural world. Here. Now. By living each day to the fullest and loving our neighbors. By stopping to smell the roses or looking at the individual beauty of each snow flake. Love it where you find it and connection is what you make of it.

  2. love it! yes - we have been told that 'magical thinking' is foolish, naive and silly...but then it's cheaper than anti-depressants!

  3. Cool stuff. Keep it up. Want more.

  4. I love the movie for the same reasons you mention. My daughter thought the theme was about the dangers of imperialism. I see it as an invitation to be in touch with nature and the beauty and healing that surrounds us that we are often too busy to notice. A serenity garden seems to be a great step in that direction...

  5. Thanks Grant!

    and to lam5991 - I guess we see what we want to see, yes? You, I take it, choose to see beauy and healing...


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