Pantone Color for 2010: Turquoise

Ok, color authority Pantone has selected turquoise (Pantone 15-5519 TCX) as the color of 2010.....

So how many plants are turquoise?  Hmmm.... gotta think on that....the turquoise color is extremely rare in the plant world.

If you live in Florida you can plant Crossandra seen above...or up north try Caryopteris Petit Bleu (not a true match for turquoise)...or some of the blue ornamental grasses would be good  - is Blue Oat Grass a turquoise?

Of course you can always do what one of my dear clients does and add a punch of color with outdoor pillows!  A lot less maintenance for sure.

Or use brightly colored ceramic pots or paint a bench turquoise as they do in the Bahai religion's revered 'Ridvan garden' in Israel.

Ridvan is indeed a serenity garden of the first order and is where the Bahai religion's founder received many insights....perhaps it was the turquoise....?

garden shown above by Johnsen Landscapes & Pools (clink link)


  1. Blue is the colour that moves my soul. Loved the blue garden gate in one of your pictures. What is the city in North India -- in Rajastan that is all blue? Jodhpur I believe. It really catches us. For me, blue deeply touches and moves me -- probably why I live surrounded by the sea with the turquoise blue green waters. It is so important for us all to reconnect with the feelings and senses that is our connection to the natural world.

  2. Lovely gardens you are creating Jan - so unusual to find someone making the link between landscaping and the spiritual - and what is actually closer than these two anyway! You might be interested in the Aura Soma system of colour interpretation, especially around Turquoise - to do with media and the unconscious, especially the web...... more complex than this, but interesting about the turq and 2010.

  3. It's important to realize that there are many colors, including other blues, that would coordinate with the turquoise, and you really don't have to have everything matchy-matchy. Just like in your post about all green gardens, shades of blue, with complementary color or analogous colors, would go great with the turquoise, as you said, in fabric, furniture or other item used as decorations.

  4. Watch out for that matchy-matchy! Love that term....and thank you so much for That reference to aura-soma.
    Aura soma is one of the most enlightening color practices in use today. Perhaps we can install some huge aura soma colored water panels in a landscape - now that would be awesome!
    I am now going to look up Rajasthan....


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