Green-Only Gardens - Serenity Squared

The Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus, clothed herself in green. Associated with peace, harmony and renewal, green is the 'master color' of Nature, exhibiting more shades in a garden than any other color. This is why a green-only garden can appear to have so many hues...

Green in a garden speaks to us on a visceral level. The message it sends is one of ultimate calm. It is no accident that the Hindus say the light energy of green governs the Heart chakra of our body. They believe that imagining green or surrounding ourselves with green will allow more love, emotional balance and empathy to enter our life. Gardeners, no doubt, benefit from this association -  as Russell Page, the English landscape designer, sagely noted, “Green fingers are the extension of a verdant heart.”

Physiologically, green calms the nervous system and slows the production of stress hormones. Thus it alleviates anxiety and balances the entire body. In feng shui green is the color of fresh energy and new beginnings and is recommended for use in the East and Southeast areas of a space.

Shown are photos from two of my green-only gardens.


  1. You make me want to get out in my small garden and nurture it. Now I can appreciate it's all green-ness!


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